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S3, Ep1. With it’s usual comedy increased by the entrance of the new and unusually beautiful villain Sophia most i loved nina. I’m not fully caught up on the first season, and all I can find are episodes of season two. Full-featured podcast site Season 3 guide for House of Anubis TV series – see the episodes list with schedule and episode summary. On March 10, , Nickelodeon confirmed that it would make a second season of House of Anubis at its annual Upfront presentation to advertisers and media. Always latest Episodes – we add New Video every hour. Buy Season 3 Fabian’s devastated that Nina isn’t coming back to Anubis. The first season of House of Anubis new episodes Mon-Fri at 7 p. Meanwhile, Victor comes face to face with Sarah and the pieces of the mysterious Anubis House slowly align to reveal that only the Chosen One can put the Cup of Ankh together. Nina is back at Anubis for college and soon enough realizes there are quite a lot of things she has missed out.

An Analysis of the Joy-Fabian- Nina Love Triangle

I would like to preface this analysis with the reminder that my thoughts and feelings, although passionate, are subjective and open to change. Some of the ideas I express her might be seen as controversial. Therefore, if people disagree or would like to add on – please do! In the beginnings of House of Anubis we are given three important pieces of information pertaining to this analysis.

Those being 1 Joy and Fabian are at the very least friends, 2 Patricia and Joy are at the very least best friends, 3 Nina and Fabian are growing closer. This crush can be hinted at by the behavior exhibited by Patricia.

Fanfic: Car pulls up to Anubis house NIna: It’s great to be back I can’t wait to see everyone She walks Nina:Not really Fabian is dating Mara.

The following is a list of characters from Nickelodeon live-action show House of Anubis. Nina was the leader of the group Sibuna in the first two seasons. With the help of her friends Fabian and Amber, the three manage to hold all of the other Sibunas together in one piece. She is usually caring, level-headed, clever, and fearless, but is sometimes shy.

She obtained a locket from Sarah under the alias of Emily prior to beginning her adventures in solving the mystery behind Anubis House. Joined by a few of her roommates, Nina became the leader of the Sibuna club while developing feelings for Fabian. After tricking Rufus off their backs and finally beginning a relationship with Fabian, they kiss each other right at the end of the season.

In season two, she is reunited with her friends. She unknowingly lets the spirit Senkhara loose. Senkhara tells Nina that she must find the Mask of Anubis or forfeit her life. She, along with the other Sibuna members, search for the Mask of Anubis in a secret set of tunnels beneath the House of Anubis.

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When Nina was a young girl, both of her parents died in a car accident. She received a scholarship to Anubis House in England (possibly because she is a Yeah, I’m talking about Fabian Rutter. Well The brand new series is set to premiere sometime this year, although the actual date is yet unknown.

Hey so thanks for the reviews and stuff So here is chapter I do not own HOA. Later on the girls had finished moving Patricia and Nina’s stuff and Nina and Mara were talking in their room. Fabian’s response was kissing Nina on the lips a kiss that Nina deepened. Her arms where wrapped around his neck and she played with his hair and Fabian’s hands were on her waist. Soon though they had to come up for air and when they did they rested their foreheads against eachothers. Fabian kissed Nina’s cheek before he rushed downstairs and Mara came in looking shocked.

The next morning when Nina woke up she noticed that Mara wasn’t in the room, Nina decided it would be best to talk to her later, Nina proceeded to have a wash and brush her teeth then change into her school uniform. She walked downstairs with her dirty laundry and walked into the laundry room where Mara and Jerome were stood snogging. Jerome shrugged in response and kissed Mara on the lips. She sent a quick message to Fabian and soon he had opened the door only for it to close behind him.

House of Anubis fanfic Ch 2: Save but he is hurt

Sign In Don’t have an account? Start a Wiki. Return to ” Jamber “. Warning: Some fanfictions may contain sexual content. Read at your own risk. Clean Slate by afro-it-up – Summary: Amber and Jerome: Now Single, what will it take for them to realise the one that they love is right in front of them?

Nina and Fabian are dating but what happens when Nina catches Fabian She wrapped her arm around me and took me inside the house.

Nina is dating Fabian but she catches Fabian cheating on her with Joy. What happens to Nina? What about Fabian? Will Joy feel guilty? It’s been 6 months since me and Fabian have started dating and we are happy as ever. I was smiling and choosing my outfit for later tonight. Amber came into the room smiling and bouncing. We stopped giggling and bouncing and finished picking out my outfit.

It was a silver sparkly tube top with a black leather jacket over top with black pants and some black open toed heels. I wore my hair down.

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Bio Fav: Stories. Twelve years later, she woke up thinking she is still eighteen. How would she react with the changes in her life? Or about the others moving on with their lives without her? An odd attraction between the two, Maya finds herself tangled in an affair where she learns the boundaries between pleasure and pain both physically and emotionally. For Maya, her bad habit is to break away from her abandonment issues she had since she was a child.

Can Amber, Nina,; Patricia, and Mara save him? Sitting on an old road by TRIX19 – Summary: Jerome, Amber, and Fabian seem to ignore each other. Why To ‘pretend date’ in order to get who they love back. She’s Sleeping Beauty by riva-dancer – Summary: Sleeping Beauty but with a House of Anubis twist on it.

Post a Comment. House of Anubis. Thanks for reading! Dinner had just finished but I didn’t feel like hanging around the living room with Fabian acting weird and a big French test coming up my mind was already swimming and I needed a little peace and quiet. Besides, everyone was busy doing something. Jerome and Alfie were wrestling on the floor knocking everything over, Patricia was relaxing on the couch watching the two boys, Nina sat across from her reading a book, Mara was cleaning up the table since it was her turn for chores though I could have sworn it was Jerome’s and Mick was doing pushups off a chair while Amber stood by counting them.

Standing up from the table I attempted to leave the room but was nearly knocked over when Alfie accidentally rammed into my leg. After giving them a good yell I finally walked out of the room. I start to wonder where Fabian is because didn’t show up for dinner and I was beginning to get worried. The moment I stepped onto the stair case the door opened revealing none other than my brother Fabian. His arms were full of books and he was horribly attempting to shut the door with his foot.

I shake my head laughing as I went over to help him but he tripped causing him, me and the books to fall to the floor.

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Canon up until about House of Hoax, then goes wildly off-canon. So spoilers until then, I suppose. AN 2: This whole story pretty much came about from the single scene where Nina kissed Fabian on the cheek after he swapped the DVD of the security cameras.

Shiny new fandom – the Nicklodeon series House of Anubis. came about from the single scene where Nina kissed Fabian on the cheek after but in an old fireplace – which has a date from the ‘s carved in it, and Trudy.

Got something to say? Leave a comment! Highest-rated soap opera of the generation. It’s a one mystery that had people all around the world talking. When Nina was a young girl, both of her parents died in a car accident. As a result of this, she went to live with her father’s mother in America. She received a scholarship to Anubis House in England possibly because she is a good academic student, as shown many times.

However, due to an international mix-up of some sort, she arrived late. In this boarding school, she first shares a room with Patricia Williamson. Patricia constantly bullied her because she thought Nina was involved in her best friend and former roommate Joy Mercer’s departure or “disappearance”.

Fanfic: House of Hathor

Dec 01, PM. Jan 02, AM. Jan 04, AM. Personality: Alisha is fun, not afraid to share her opinions, confident, loud sometimes , serious when needed intelligent and stubborn History: she lived a semi normal girl life, her dad had decided to stay in England after they finished school, she is the youngest in her family since the boys are 16 and her sister is almost 17, her dad knew one of them was an osirian so didn’t want them going but Patricia convinced him to let them.

I finished her.

Here is part of my House of Anubis story: The Secret Within. “Amber told Mick that we were dating, so I went to talk to Nina about it and she told me it was.

There are 8 students living in the house and I’m keeping my eye on all of them. House of Anubis Trama Episodio. In un dormitorio inglese per studenti si verificano degli eventi di natura misteriosa che sembra abbiano a che fare con la storia dell’ antico palazzo vittoriano, che ospita i 6 protagonisti di House of Anubis. Homeless 6. Do You Watch House of Anubis? Well If You Do you should take this Quiz, And see what you really know about House Of Anubis and if you really pay attention to what really goes on in the show.

House of Anubis Italia. Brad Kavanagh Brasil 9, views. But his plan almost succeeds: he traps Dr.

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